Check out the entire collection of Harris Rules t-shirts featuring popular catch-phrases used by Tim & Julie Harris on our nationally syndicated podcast, Real Estate Coaching Radio®. 



Choose from two (2) colors and different sizes.


Hats, caps, and other items.


Coffee mugs, tumblers and other beverage items.

Make A Statement

Show your pride in real estate success

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Casual Style

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Get Inspired

Wear a daily motivational reminder of achievement

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All shirts are available in both black & white colors, and a range of sizes from S to 5XL, printed on high-quality short-sleeve 100% cotton Gildan/Anvil shirts.

Proud Clients

"Thanks Tim and Julie Harris Real Estate Coaching, I really needed this! Rule #12 FOCUS." - Laurie

"Love this new shirt! A great outfit to start a day!" -Tanya

"This shirt says it all! Hype and pumped." - Greg

"Thank you Tim & Julie for the shirt. Rule # 13 is totally me & my issue! It has also been a lucky number for me in the past, and my boyfriend being a pilot makes it kind of amusing. Hence the headset!" - Jeanette